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used shopping tips... craft your look each day with a well-stocked, wardrobe, graelee project.

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

shopping used clothes is our business... graelee project wants to share the secrets we've learned.

welcome to the graelee project blog. you can learn to shop like a pro and pull your wardrobe together ensuring you always have every day classics to set a foundation for your next level statement items. this is how to find clothes you need for every occasion and every season. learn the industry secrets care of our experience in the business of used garments. 


“do you struggle some days with the ideal outfit? whether you prefer a trendy look or a classic vintage aesthetic, graelee project is revealing all the secrets to get any look you fancy by shopping for used clothes for a literal fraction of the price of the high street or chain stores. the tips that we learned stocking graeee project, our grey lynn boutique... a true insiders guide to used garment hunting.

it is a hunt so get ready to plan how to 'mine the gems' from temporary mountains, made from tonnes and tonnes of used garments from all over the city or town you call home."

used garment shopping with purpose consists of acquiring garments from a variety of treasure troves in your community. charity organisations and other community groups have regularly scheduled sales. find the ones near you by checking your local organisations websites or give them a call or email.

the backbone of the supply, and where you will find exquisite classics and one of kind personal triumph pieces, will be the markets around your community. follow these steps and frequent the sunday morning hot-spots. within 6 months you can be on a friendly first name basis with market vendors and form relationships that will cultivate a unique wardrobe that will set your style apart branding yourself with a look that is about gorgeous fabric and inspired garments. for a priceless wardrobe you pay for with effort and consistency rather than your whole pay cheque.

check the blog or your inbox

you’ll be gifted the tips, tricks & overall strategy to source superb used garments. complete your personal wardrobe and start your own little online store with the skills you develop in this multi billion dollar global industry.

anyone willing to follow these steps can look fantastic and potentially add a revenue stream to their household. never pay retail for garments ever again if you don't want too.

create a look that's all your own.

“be original, show off your style, and tell your story.”

nothing but love, great fabric and crazy, wicked style... graelee project gives you the lowdown.

get Inspired to save money and look luxurious.

good luck!

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